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A mobile app that provides a portal to various resources related to COVID-19 during quarantine time.

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Team: Jonathan Summerton, Emily Ricotta, Junhui Yao, Charlotte Wall, Yujing Cui

My Role: UX Designer

Context: MIT COVID-19 Hackathon

Problem Space

Over 3 billion people around the globe are quarantined. One of the problems we are encountering is the need for physical distancing which helps slow the curve. This can have a negative impact though on the health and well being of individuals.

While people can, of course, Google information, there isn’t a centralized place to find ways to make staying at home easier and more enjoyable for the vulnerable or people who are suffering from boredom and feeling powerless


The Solution

A mobile app that provides a portal to various resources related to COVID-19 during quarantine time.


Q+ gives people a centralized point to find unique entertainment, positive news, health, and wellness activities all while encouraging people to stay inside. While doing this they will be earning points they can use to donate to a positive cause giving them a sense of empowerment. This will impact people in a number of ways.

Helping to reduce virus transmission, improving overall wellness, educating users, and empowering people to feel like they are making a difference.


After you log in the app finds tailored-made solutions to you based on your likes and uses. Ultimately we’d like to incorporate AI to help improve this page.



  • ​If you want to explore different types of activities, you can go to the “Explore” tab

  • You’re also able to search for a specific topic. Let’s say we want to know our options for delivery.



  • This page would pull up those options, and you’d be able to click through to which app you want.

  • You can also favorite apps to refer back to later.



  •  These fun educational screens will display for a few seconds every time you click to a new page in Q+.


End User

The end-user could be those high-risk individuals needing to have everything delivered, but also people of all ages looking for a place to simplify their life in quarantine and find opportunities to connect socially, making it more enjoyable while still maintaining physical distance.

Business Model

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