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Advocating for closed-loop, data-driven, evidence-based learning experiences. 

Collaborative Learning

Positive interdependence Individual accountability

KC Model Refinement with LFA

Intelligent Tutor

The tutor will provide students with different problems adapting to the student’s choice of difficulty level and sensitivity to social justice after receiving students’ input at the beginning.

History Module (Canvas)

We analyzed the role of the Pre-training Principle in the design of the History E-learning Course and developed the according module.

Critical thinking

This is a research paper about  

Pedagogical Methods through the Lens of Communication:  Examining the Relationship between Critical Thinking and Asynchronous Discussion.

Big Ideas in Education

This is a toolkit designed for learning engineers and curriculum designers.  

This set of cards can be a toolkit to help people learn some “big ideas” in their careers. The toolkit contains the following parts: Tutorial, Consulting Challenge, Flash Cards and Card Index. 

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